What kind of dog are you? | moimaere

What kind of dog are you?

I live in a city that you can see many cats and dogs at every corner. And today, I witnessed that a stray dog jumped into the stream and swam across.

All people who saw the dog started watching until he succeeded, and everyone was delighted when the dog came out of the water.

He could reach that distance by walking 200 meters too, but he preferred to gain time even if he got wet. For god sake, how could a stray dog be in a hurry?

But after a while of watching him, we understood that he just wanted to sunbathe on the warm grass.

Then I thought, could he jump into the stream if he had an owner tied him on a leash?

That is the case for us too. The more dependent on somebody we are, the less free we will be. It is up to us to take the risk, jump into the stream, and not walk the road with people rules us.

So, do you prefer to become a stray dog or somebody's pet?