Unblue Nude

Blue Nudes is maybe the most recognizable and iconic color lithography series of Henri Matisse. He influenced many artists with his beautiful figures and the way he uses paints.

Even if he loved sketching, he always kept separate drawings and paintings. And once he said,

"Do you find perfect correspondence between the nature of the drawing and the nature of the painting? In my opinion, they seem totally different from each other, absolutely contradictory. One, the drawing, depends on linear or sculptural plasticity, and the other, the painting, depends on colored plasticity."

But, I'm afraid I have to disagree with him on this. I do not like to limit myself by ridding of the lines on my paintings. Instead, I prefer that audience get the lines as clues and complete the main picture in their mind.

Thus, we can watch the lines -primitive art shapes dance with the colors of nature.

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