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The Rat Race

I didn't have a successful educational background; I was a student in a low-quality high school and an average university. But I have had perfect relationships with my classmates. It was the last year of the university when I realized that I must wake up to take things seriously, and did it.

In short, I succeeded and got a job in one of the best cooperation in my country. There I met people who had successful education life. But, even though they attended to best universities and successfully done their job, something was still smelling fake.

The colleagues you created good relations with may wake up the next day as your opponent. Thanks to corporate life, I observed the emotion in people I have not encountered frequently -greed.

I say mostly; we are the creatures that are having difficulty perceiving time. So, we can make mistakes and invest in short-term values instead of creating long-term relationships; as rats go over each other to reach the cheese, they spend more energy than the cheese worth.

So, that's why people call it rat-race.