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The Infinite Scroll

As a consumer, we tend to enjoy what we consume. It can be music, food, or most importantly our time. But I can't add the social media in the list.

That infinite scroll takes my place as a consumer. Then, I start to feel like a commercial good while looking at the Sponsored ads of the shoes I was texting to my friend yesterday on WhatsApp.

The funniest part is that these companies don't need to know my formal name because a random unique ID is enough to identify me -such as a subscriber_id in their database.

Then they start consuming my money and happiness at every 5th post by showing ads.

I confess that once I fell into this trap, and it consumed my happiness more. I created a need for myself because of the ads and bought a useless online course.

But that fucking algorithm kept showing me the same ads as kidding. Okay bro, you caught me, I purchased, we are friends now, but why still?

Dear Big Brother, please add an 'I already bought' button somewhere on the ads.