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Self Discipline

Embracing the resistance you feel towards doing something that takes hard work with an unpleasant is an important concept. Just like drawing a sketch everyday. Every piece makes you more creative in the future and ease to start a new artwork next time.  
Every time you embraced discomfort you are essentially doing a rep of the exercise that is self-discipline because it is a skill that can be learned, it is a muscle that can be built over time.   
This is why some of the successful people proponent of taking cold showers because a cold shower is something that most people don’t want to do. It’s not very comfortable standing under that stream of ice cold water, and that’s the point.   
So find ways to embrace discomfort. It could be cold showers, it could be writing at least 100 words everyday, it could be taking the stairs instead of the elevator.    
Basically, whenever your brain throws up that I don’t feel like it an excuse, that is an opportunity to build that self-discipline, a muscle you should take it.