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Hunting the Mammoth

We all want to accomplish our goals. But many of us making the biggest mistake in the first step by confusing them with wishes.

Wishes are not our goals.

Wishing something so bad or sending beautiful messages to the universe won't make it reachable. These are the motivational and supportive elements to achieve our goals.

Goals are separated from wishes with planning.

Let's look at our primitive relatives to understand this. Food was an undeniable wish for them, and it wasn't easy to have as today. So, they had to plan to catch those big animals without injuring themselves. As a result, they could hunt the mammoths that around 5 tons.

Next time we should ask ourselves, "How can I do that?" to understand if we can handle the answer and call it a goal or wish.

Because If we don't know how to carve a stone to make a spear, only a stick will be left in our hands.