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Hacking the Happiness

Think about the best moments of your life. You will find yourself not only happy but also surprised. At that time, we boost our happiness hormones because we don't have any expectations about what was coming. So we can call that "expectation" is the keyword.

Let's say I was dehydrated while working all day and had a bottle of cold water. Am I happy? Don't know; I call it OK.

But what if I was jogging and forgot my water bottle at home, and found a supermarket so late? That water could be the best I had ever drunk on that day, maybe in that week.

So it is an expectation setting game as long as we handle the situation. Lower the expectations about the number of likes of your post if you want to be happy. Raise the expectations from yourself and let you push the limits. Lower the expectations of what you can, but raise for what you cannot.

And another hack is coming from Chris McCandless, the guy who went "Into the Wild" alone,

"Happiness is only real when shared."