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Grocery Dream

-Hey son, what do you want to be when you grow up?  
+Hmm, I want to be a grocer mom.  
-Haha, really? Why?  
+Because everything I want is there.   
I was 6 when this conversation passed. Maybe I didn't want to be a grocer as a profession, but my child instincts had revealed something. Instead of what others impose me, I wanted to be what is fulfilling me.   
But it's a difficult task to accomplish. Especially when there are many people who aren't satisfied with their job nowadays. Because we have never educated to become an entrepreneur for creating our own businesses that were fulfilling us. The only thing taught is how to be an employee in someone else's company.  
I graduated from the university's business administration department, but I still don't know how to apply for creating a local business. All those professors taught about how to become an accountant, salesman, marketing guy, but not a grocer.  
So, I built my art business by googling, not by way of the academicians. I believe these days that success is measured with the university names will be over. Big companies are already aware of this. They are not looking for only academic success but enthusiasm to work -that you can find in self-taught people.